About Demetrios

Demetrios, where elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty converge in the bridal fashion world. Founded by the visionary Demetrios James Elias, this brand reflects the journey of a young boy from Athens, Greece, who found his calling amidst tulle, lace, and silk, while assisting in his family's bridal store in Warren, Ohio.

In 1980, Demetrios realized his dream of owning his own company, propelling his name to the forefront of bridal fashion. As both designer and owner, he has become an icon revered for creativity and excellence. Each Demetrios gown, from intricately beaded bodices to cascading layers of tulle, embodies the pinnacle of craftsmanship, setting trends and inspiring brides worldwide. Today, bridal boutiques proudly showcase Demetrios wedding dresses, each a testament to the founder's enduring legacy and dedication to realizing every bride's dreams of timeless elegance. Welcome to the bridal world, where every love story begins with breathtaking beauty.